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When the real heat of the day hits I’ll be spending time in front of my computer getting what I can checked off my deadlines and client list. Working at the computer instead of absorbing vitamin D. I did my best to savor it. There’s Annie in her forever spot in the front seat, always by my side. And a view of my big ol’ layers in front of the cabin. The phenomenon of the Sun’s apparent magnification or shrinking throughout the day is a common cause of confusion among round earthers trying to understand the Flat Earth Theory. This was a wonderful day. When I first open that gate Sal comes bounding out, followed by Marvin, and then Maude scuttles past in an angry shuffle. Should keep me in tea all winter long if I budget it out, people who bought it online seem to like how strong it is. After my certification was through, I went to the store and bought my own rod, reel, and fishing vest. This weekend I took a two-day intensive introduction to fly fishing with Orvis.

Thoreau wrote that, “Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing it is not fish they are after.” There certainly is something to that. Why are they against all of this? Not exactly conventional decorating, sunset lava lamp but if you’re going to grow something inside why shouldn’t it be something that could also be a side? I now know why people without bum knees or week legs bring these canes into the fields at sunset. I imagined people driving through snow squalls to the farm from apartments and cities all around, braving the winter weather to be welcomed into the warm embrace of a wood stove. Tonight I have to drive out to Di’s farm to borrow her post holer so I can put up my new mailbox the truck took out. Relining the coop with fresh bedding straw, moving the sheep out to new pasture, cleaning rabbit cages, and baking an apple cake. Two Apple devices in a row, but CNET’s Scott Stein recommends the newest iPad — the 10.2-inch, seventh-generation model released in 2019 — as “an obvious affordable choice” at the top of his list of favorite tablets. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Alexa user, an Apple HomeKit fan, an IFTTT nerd, a Razer gamer, a Google Home devotee, a Logitech Harmony connoisseur, a Nest aficionado or about a bajillion other examples I could list — Philips Hue’s lights work with all of it.

Now that all of that is out of the way, let’s get into this list of the top smart home devices that aren’t made by Amazon or Google. I am continuing my search to find out what it is! My husband dug them out of the horse pasture last weekend, and placed them in these flower beds. I wanted the work out and I wanted to see the place looking a little more kept. Only 6 little sinners were left, totally fine. Fly-fishing and I are going to get along just fine. With over 300,000 houses sitting empty in our State, our selected officials need to get a grip. Time matters too. If you think 11am-2pm are great for movies you’ll need more illumination or settle for not getting the full picture. People who choose projectors in this brightness level are usually aiming for better color performance, but on the other hand, they need to tightly control and reduce ambient light while projecting. I want more people to experience this world. I didn’t catch a single fish (I don’t have the skill too yet), but I dipped my toe into this world of naturalists, travelers and outdoors-people. They have really grown the last few years.

Last night we all went to the nearby state park. I am really looking forward to one of the last sunset autumn drives into the countryside of the season. A crystal chandelier glistens during a romantic sunset dinner. The statement of the sunset happening in the west. An heirloom tomato from the garden, and sunset at roadside. They are called Red Sunset Maple. Traditionally there are 12 of them: Pisces, Ares, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpius, Saggitarius, Capricornus, and Aquarius. Note that there may be a separate terminal for measuring amperes. Plus, there aren’t any speakers, so it can’t play alarm sounds either. I’m learning my third song on it, and the first song I learned I can now play with my eyes closed, so that’s progress. It loses nothing from familiarity; to the contrary, when it’s over, your first impulse is to ask when the next one will be. I counted breathes like I would in Zen meditation, and thought about nothing. You can have the screen gradually brighten just like the Smart Clock, but you can also have it so that a soothing “pre-alarm” sound plays as the sunrise alarm begins. The banjo and I are getting acquainted like old highschool buddies.