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But on the way back down tiredness overwhelms me and I will often pull over and sleep on the bags. There are bags of dog food stacked in the garage, some of which he uses as a makeshift bed in the back of the air-conditioned van during his travels. No. It’s a long journey and 24 hours stuck in the back of the van is no fun. He has his own Facebook page for his registered charity, EJ Rescue – motto: You’ll Never Walk Alone – and says people often approach him at stops en route to complain that the dogs are forced to endure long journeys in the back of the van. So after work I walk across the field to the back gate. If all I want to do after work is crawl under the covers, cry, and fall asleep to a Gilmore Girls marathon and Tylenol PM-I can’t. It’s hard to step away from work or school when you’re living in your workspace. We were both of tired from the day’s work both at the farm and on our feet, we enjoyed the most beautiful sunset of my life and ate a warm meal of potatoes and stroganoff as the sun melted away into the sky.

Users can turn their smartphones and tablets into AR viewfinders for identifying stars, planets and constellations; the app can display an object’s track in the sky as well as information on select objects, planets, and satellites. The intensity of sunlight striking the ground depends on the sun’s angle in the sky. He works with Canadian rescue centres in Calgary and Edmonton. Here in Calgary we are very dog-friendly. These are the lucky ones. However, the dogs are not simply handed over to anyone. I have people coming up to me at service stations – they hear the dogs yapping and they threaten to call the cops and say what I’m doing in cruel. People are not used to needing other species, not really. Thoreau wrote that, “Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing it is not fish they are after.” There certainly is something to that. There is also evidence from studies in humans that bright blue light in the evening decreases the quality of sleep compared to an evening of dimmer, longer wavelength light. In these images, the sensor detected the visible light emissions that occurred when energetic particles rained down from Earth’s magnetosphere and into the gases of the upper atmosphere.

Most of these dogs would be put down. Tracy Babiak, president of the Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation in Calgary, who is originally from Manchester, says: ‘John’s dogs are well-chosen with great temperaments. Many families are happy to wait to rescue a chihuahua from California. Murray – who was quickly dubbed ‘English John’ by workers in the rescue shelters – invited The Mail on Sunday to drive three hours with him from his home to San Diego’s city pound, packed with hundreds of dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds. I will stop three times for the dogs to have a potty break,’ Murray says. I never sleep on the way up to Canada because my aim is to get the dogs there as quickly as possible,’ he says. There is also a mound of paperwork for each animal; a medical report containing its health history, list of shots, proof of rabies inoculation along with a brief description of its background and character. I have to sign paperwork.

I have certain border patrol agents I know now. Now the rules have changed so drastically. With me they have one day of discomfort but they’ll have a lifetime of happiness.’ Once in Canada there is a waiting list of families wanting the dogs. Yes, it’s 24 hours of misery for the dogs but that’s a small price to pay when you see them paired up with families at the other end and on their way to permanent homes. Sadly a lot of dogs here end up being euthanised. But they don’t see what I see at the other end. No over the top “super high Megapixels claim”, no “see in the dark” slogans, etc. Just a plain, straightforward, simple phone. The movement on live mode was super smooth. As they are crated up, more stray dogs are being dropped off at the front of the pound. The villagers of Mandena are among more than a billion people worldwide who live without artificial light. People are looking for smaller breeds. Are the dogs happy during the trip? It gets disheartening when you save 35 dogs one week. I only handle neutered dogs otherwise I’d be moving the problem from one part of the continent to another.

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