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But looking back now that oddness wasn’t so much odd as it was curious, mostly curious about animals and nature. But notice that in June, considerably more than half of the circle is above the horizon, while in December, much less than half the circle is visible. A much safer way to measure the sun’s apparent size is with a homemade pinhole projector. The lights maintaining their size in the background is a great example of the magnification effect of the atmolayer balancing out the natural shrinking to perspective. This synthetic perspective view of Pluto, based on the latest high-resolution images to be downlinked from NASA? New Horizons completed its near decade-long journey to Pluto in July, with a historic flyby that captures the best images ever seen of the icy world. After nine and a half years, the New Horizons spacecraft has lifted the veil on the icy world. Even as the New Horizon’s spacecraft speeds away from Pluto out into the Kuiper Belt, and the data from the exciting encounter with this new world is being streamed back to Earth, we are looking outward to the next destination for this intrepid explorer,’ said John Grunsfeld, astronaut and chief of the Nasa Science Mission Directorate at the agency headquarters in Washington.

This 220-mile (350-kilometer) wide view of Pluto from Nasa’s New Horizons spacecraft illustrates the incredible diversity of surface reflectivities and geological landforms on the dwarf planet. The New Horizons spacecraft is now more than 3 billion miles (about 5 billion kilometers) from Earth, and more than 43 million miles (69 million kilometers) beyond Pluto. The Kuiper Belt is a freezing ring of debris orbiting more than 4 billion miles from the sun. The fridge sized craft will head to a small Kuiper Belt object (KBO) known as 2014 MU69 that orbits nearly a billion miles beyond Pluto. Astronomer Mike Brown, from Caltech in Pasadena California, has likened the Kuiper belt to the ‘blood splatter’ left behind by the formation of the solar system. We then pass behind Pluto and see the atmosphere glow in sunlight before the sun passes behind Charon. Charon looking back on each body as thin crescents as New Horizons makes its departure.

Sunset in forest - free stock photo Although now relatively calm and stable, it is likely to be a dangerous place for New Horizons as it may be filled with unseen debris and space rocks. Nasa has now collected these images into a mesmerising 23-second video, showing the flyby from the spacecraft’s point of view. Speaking before the spacecraft’s launch in 2006, Professor Stern described New Horizons as an ‘almost timeless object’ that would not only outlast the pyramids but also the mountain ranges of the Earth. Like all Nasa missions that have finished their main objective but seek to do more exploration, the New Horizons team must write a proposal to the agency to fund a KBO mission. That proposal – due in 2016 – will be evaluated by an independent team of experts before Nasa can decide about the go-ahead. The farm demands I am the best possible self I can offer, at all times. Even when the researchers gave 10 people an LED camping lantern for a week, they still slept and woke at virtually the same times each day.

Chaotic collisions that led to the formation of the planets. There are an estimated 33,000 objects more than 60 metres across in the belt and three dwarf planets. Watch video ‘We need to be more aggressive! Please resubmit your question giving the details of what you need to know about sunrise. She is such a good girl, she does not need to be kept in a crate. It was a good movie, I enjoyed it. Yesterday was heaven. A perfect day of hard work, good music, a sunset jog, and then a long hot shower. Tim also mowed their yard yesterday and we took care of some of the housekeeping things that were in progress when they got the call. And things are only getting more sophisticated thanks to augmented reality, which can superimpose information on the night sky or recreate the stars above when you’re stuck indoors. New Horizons spacecraft, shows what you would see if you were approximately 1,100 miles (1,800 kilometers) above Pluto’s equatorial area, looking northeast over the dark, cratered, informally named Cthulhu Regio toward the bright, smooth, expanse of icy plains informally called Sputnik Planum.